Impressive service at all levels

Professional company
Production of tissue paper and toothbrushes

OEM/ODM with “one stop service”
Complete in Thailand Ready for you to own a brand of high quality tissues and toothbrushes
With innovation and modern production technology Controlling the production process to international standards every step of the way by a team of special experts
More than 12 years of working experience, answering all the needs of those who want to have their own brand

Message from the management

Message from the management Lamsam OEM from experience Management of the organization, I know that Businesses need to prioritize virtue before profit. My ideal morality is 1. Our organization puts personnel first. All personnel must be happy in their work. We do not take advantage of customers or competitors in the market. Focus on building good, continuous and sustainable relationships3. Social and Environmental Responsibility in support and assistance for a better quality society4. Support Thai raw materials Promote trade in Thailand and develop into world-class exports I reinforced my confidence and trust. My organization focuses on producing quality products that care more about morality than profit. and focus on “Knowing good people more than knowing money” Dr. Phannipa Oran Thammakit (Dr.B) Lamsam OEM Executive


A team of experts in designing and manufacturing quality products with experience, expertise
in the production of various forms with management team
and a marketing team that specializes in the business of distributing tissues and toothbrushes both online and offline. Please trust in our service, we are ready to provide service with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) system, which is contract manufacturing from forms and products. At the design and development factory or ODM (Original Design Manufacture) is contract manufacturing according to the patterns and products that customers specify.
It is a One Stop Service. We facilitate every step. from the start until ready to do business